Time saving

  • You can save over 60% of time to complete your house, compared to the conventional methods.
  • The SIP wall is load-bearing and pre-insulated, meaning no extra need for insulation on construction site, compared to conventional building methods where extra insulation is necessary.
  • Erection time is known in advance. Therefore, SIP technology offers an accurate delivery date of your project.
  • A typical 3-bed house using pre-fabricated panelised walls can be erected in less than 5 days.
  • Marley SIPs panels are manufactured under stringent factory controlled conditions for accuracy and quality.
  • SIPs wall elements complete with structural openings for windows and doors are Pre-fabricated offsite ready for installation saving valuable construction time on site.
  • Based on approved construction drawings, cutting and fabricating SIPs is done in our offsite factory saving construction time on site and reduced exposure to the weather.
  • Installing SIPs requires less skilled labour during erection.
  • Second fix dry lining can commence without waiting for traditional ‘wet’ trade materials to set.