Lifetime energy efficiency

Pre-fabricated SIP wall panels are manufactured under factory controlled conditions with accuracy, eliminating cutting and fabrication on site. This ensures that no unexpected construction costs will appear.

Low cost of initial investment

  • Building with SIPS typically reduces the construction cost by 30% compared to conventional building methods.

Fast rate of construction

  • Prefabricated elements arrive at the construction site ready to erect.

Space maximisation

  • Compared with traditional wall construction methods, SIPS can increase the useable floor space of the house by up to 3% by reducing the overall wall thickness required.

Lower related costs

  • Less work specialties are needed and less transportation of materials.
  • No extra works needed on the construction site.
  • Pre-fabricated panelised walls based on approved construction drawings are assembled in our offsite SIPS manufacturing plant, reducing site installation time and exposure to site weather conditions.
  • Because SIPS are light-weight but very strong, they often require a smaller foundation structure than traditional materials saving on groundwork costs.
  • There is much less waste material in a SIP-designed structure than a conventional building, reducing volume sent to landfill.
  • Factory produced SIPS panels have intact surfaces which makes it is easier to install wall tiles, kitchen units and bathroom fixtures. 
  • Marley Modular Systems is highly compatible with low energy and zero energy buildings.
  • SIP designed homes eliminate most hot and cold spots found in conventional buildings.