Design flexibility

  • Our SIP gives you unlimited design possibilities as well as circular walls, curved roofs and domes.
  • A choice of 120mm, 150mm or 180mm thick panels enables the designer to select the most efficient structure to combine strength with thermal performance.
  • Marley SIPs panels can be used for external and internal load bearing walls as well roofs.
  • The outstanding structural performance permits greater flexibility when designing living spaces.
  • Using thinner wall panels to increase the useable floor space whilst maintaining great thermal performance.
  • Changes can easily be made to existing properties to provide extra living space.
  • Possibility of adding extra rooms or modifying existing ones is fast and easy.
  • Space maximization because of the thickness of the walls, you can save up to 3% over the total square meters of the house.
  • Because SIPs are light weight but very strong, they often require a smaller foundation structure.