Fabrication Services

Marley Modular Systems offer an offsite pre-fabrication service for Marley SIPS panels. Using the customer’s architectural plans we can design, fabricate and deliver panelised walls and roofs complete with all structural openings as part of an integrated building system.

We can design the system to meet the specification requirements for structural, thermal and acoustic performance requirements including Passive House standard. This process will involve detailed design, technical and commercial agreement as well as our project management services.

For an initial no obligation enquiry please contact our sales office on 01622 852706 or by email sales@marleysips.co.uk

Methods of Modern Construction

  • It is well understood that offsite pre-fabrication of building materials is a cost effective method of construction.
  • Building with pre-fabricated SIPS panels can reduce construction costs by 30% and installation time by 60% compared to conventional building methods.
  • Marley SIPS panels are manufactured under stringent factory controlled conditions for accuracy and quality.
  • SIPS wall elements complete with structural openings for windows and doors are pre-fabricated offsite ready for installation, saving valuable construction time on site.
  • The SIPS wall panel is load-bearing and pre-insulated, meaning no separate insulation material is required to be delivered or fitted on site - reducing installation time.
  • Erection time of pre-fabricated SIP walls is known in advance, therefore project planning is simplified.
  • Based on approved construction drawings, cutting and fabricating SIPs is done in our offsite factory saving construction time on site and reduced exposure to the weather.
  • Installing a SIP system requires less skilled labour during erection.
  • Second fix dry lining can commence without waiting for traditional ‘wet’ trade materials to set.