Structural insulated panels - A new era for the Construction Industry

The world face enormous challenges in supplying a growing population and growing economy with energy and doing so in a way that avoids the hazards of climate change. Residential buildings are 20% of the energy and climate problem. Buildings are responsible for 1/3 of all energy related greenhouse gas emissions. Many businesses and homeowners identify new needs and therefore new technologies. 

What kind of energy is consumed?

  • Electricity for lighting
  • Electricity for air conditioning
  • Electricity or fuel for heating
  • Fuels for transportation
  • Fuel for production of goods 

How much energy is consumed by buildings?

  • Energy consumption in buildings accounts 40% of the total produced energy
  • Electricity demand in the residential sector represents 30% of total need
  • Half the energy in the residential sector is spent on heating and air conditioning 

Therefore an acceptable solution should meet the following criteria:

  • Energy savings
  • Cost efficient – saves money
  • Environmentally responsible – sustainable and green
  • Maintenance and improvement of living conditions

Our solution is based on a sustainable and eco-friendly technology, based on alternative and innovative construction methods, which can dramatically decrease the cost of the electrical bills, providing excellent energy efficiency, while at the same time reducing waste.