Introducing Marley Modular Systems

Marley Modular Systems is a new venture from Aliaxis, a leading global manufacturer and distributor of mainly plastic fluid handling systems used in residential and commercial construction.

Marley Modular Systems offer a Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS). This is a high performance, composite building panel made from a core of rigid polyisocyanurate foam, sandwiched between two structural skins of Oriented Strand Board. The result is a building system that is very strong, lightweight, energy efficient and cost effective.

Marley SIPS can be supplied in prefabricated wall or roof sections complete with structural openings for doors and windows. The panels are manufactured in a state of the art factory and fabricated to exact customer dimensions for each project.

Ideal for residential, commercial, public & industrial projects , Marley SIPs have been designed to meet the growing demand for advanced offsite solutions, encompassing multiple technical and environmental benefits. The new range will be launched at Ecobuild on March 6th 2018.

The market for rapid build, highly energy efficient and dependable systems has been growing by 25% each year, driven by the shortage of affordable housing, schools, care homes and other facilities. Marley Modular Systems’ SIPs represent the second generation of panelised products, which, unlike open or closed panel alternatives, feature a homogenous build-up with no cold-bridges, minimal timber usage and excellent airtightness, without the addition of membranes.

The Marley Modular Systems SIPs can be supplied as standard panels or panelised walls suitable for volumetric construction, ready for on-site assembly. The SIPs feature outer faces of conditioned OSB, which is produced from sustainably sourced, small diameter farmed wood, and by a manufacturing process free from harmful agents. And at end of life, some 65% of the system will remain recoverable for reuse.

Addressing Part L requirements, the 120mm thick option achieves a U-value of 0.22 W/m2K, while passing the SAP calculation is greatly simplified due to the panels’ avoidance of linear heat losses at junctions. The factory-assembled bespoke wall and ceiling panels are produced with foamed joints to ensure passive standards. This thermal performance subsequently translates into lower energy bills for occupants and long-term reductions in environmental impact, through lower carbon emissions.

The addition of a 15mm gypsum board lining enables Marley Modular Systems SIPs to comply with the Building Regulations for fire resistance. What’s more, as noise nuisance is a major problem in the built environment, tests have demonstrated how, with their multi-density make-up, Marley SIPs panels will cut sound transmission by 38 dB compared to traditional walls. The addition of a gypsum board increases this to 55 dB.

Although the capital cost of Marley Modular Systems SIPs will vary depending on client specification, the completed cost of the project can be as much as 30% cheaper than traditional buildings. This is achieved through the benefits of specifying a factory produced system, which can be delivered to site, just in time, for speedy erection, involving virtually no waste, and achieving zero defects.

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